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Anong mag yan?


otaku.  maliit lang na mag, parang k-zone. :D


wow!! how lucky of you to have found the kisarazu cat's eye dvd I've been longing to be able to buy that one!!! but I have Nino's letter's from Iwo Jima it's just a bit expensive for me as a student nung binili ko po.. Ay by the way i think you're here sa pinas because you speak in tagalog... by the way, I am jaella, I just followed you a while ago cause I was thinking that you're also a fan from the Philippines.. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu sempai!


hello jaella!! yes, im also an arashi fan here on the Philippines. I also followed you here on typepad. Regarding the dvd, i also wanted the iwo jima but my sis can't find one in dubai. he recognized sho and ask me if i want that dvd instead. of course i said yes, palalagpasin ko ba naman yun!!! :)

Nice to meet you by the way. im glad that a i get to meet more arashi fan here on the phils. :)

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